Real-Time Applications with Node.js and

Learn how to use Node.js and to make real-time apps. Find out how to create, build, and improve live, interactive web apps that give users fast changes and a smooth experience. NodeJS application development services help us in developing real time.
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Table of Contents

Applications. These applications can be used for monitoring the performance of the team, provide data analysis report to ensure that business owners can make data drive business decision at the right time.

Live chat bots, live streaming applications, live community sites, and online multiplayer gaming applications. Building such applications require us to handle multiple server requests that can be done effectively with the help of Node.js and socket.IO.

In this article we will explore what are the main benefits of building real time applications with Node.js and

What is meant by Real-Time Applications?

Real time application is built on connected environment and they do not need page to be refreshed for updating the database. They are dynamic application that can display real time dynamic data in a customized format that can be filtered easily.

We can export the required data at the time of need. Real time applications can be accessed by multiple users at the same time and individual users can interact or communicate with themselves efficiently.

This is done effectively with the help of Web Sockets which enable continuous, bidirectional communication between clients and servers.

When was node.js released and by whom?

Ryan Dahl saw that traditional web servers were incapable of handling multiple servers concurrently. In order to ensure that web servers can respond to server request parallel he introduced Node.js in 2009.

Node.js allows us to develop application that can run on server without being blocked, they are driven by events and allows simultaneous connections that have high performance and low latency.

What is Why is it used?

Socket.IO is a JavaScript library that can be declared once and used anytime and anywhere at the time of need. It offers real time, bidirectional and event driven communication between web clients and servers.

This helps us in building chat applications with live notification, online gaming that require setting up servers for allowing multiple users to join and play.

    Understanding Node.js

    Since Node.js is an open source it is available free of cost for all developers. JavaScript can be used with many programming languages like Python, PHP, and Dot Net and we need a cross platform JavaScript run time environment that executes JavaScript code outside web browser.

    Application built in Node.js is event driven, non blocking input/output model. Node.js applications are light weight, high performance, and efficient for handling server requests from multiple users concurrently without making the application slow.

    In modern times where business owners want to expand or grow their team size or composition we need robust and scalable applications that allows employees or workers across globe to perform specific business tasks. This scalability feature allow us to increase or decrease team size as per unique business needs.

    Introduction to

    Socket.IO allows us to develop real time applications that are capable of handling bi-directional communication server requests between web clients and servers. Socket.IO has two parts namely client side library and server side library. Client side library of runs in the browser while a server side library runs in node.js framework. supports several features, including:

    1. Real time Analytics

    At times we need to display the dynamic data in real time exactly as the event is created. These data records are fetched from database, cloud server or from third party site or application integration with API. Using Socket.IO we can integrate data analytics tools to provide proper business overview, empower business owners to make data driven decisions for achieving specific goals in the organization.

    2. Binary streaming

    For building streaming platform where videos can be streamed without buffering we need binary streaming. Socket.IO supports binary streaming that transfers the binary data such as files and media that provides loss less transmission of data over the server.

    3. Documentation collaboration

    Suppose we need a team to work on the same document we need to ensure that they allow the document collaboration with multiple users. It is possible with the help of where multiple users can work simultaneously to complete the tasks quickly.

    4. Instant messaging and chat

    With the help of socket.IO library files we can create interactive chat applications with real time messaging. The chat application can be a multiple rooms that can accommodate specified number of users in each room.

    Advantages of building real time applications with Node.js and socket.IO

    There are several benefits of building applications with Node.js and socket.IO. They are summarized as given bellow:-

    1. High performance

    Real time applications can show dynamic data in real time instantly. It is efficient for creating social media or news update sites where we need real time updates from time to time. These data updates require low latency interaction that helps in quickly updating the users.

    2. Low latency

    For gaming application using Node.js or socket.IO is beneficial as they offer low latency that helps in quick graphic rendering as per the user input. This provides no buffering, no hindrance during the match or playing online games.

    3. Scalability

    For business owners who want to scale up their data infrastructure it becomes essential that they use applications that is build on Node.js’s and make use of socket.IO as they can sustain any number of traffic on the web server, and can handle multiple server requests.

    4. Cross platform

    Node.js and Socket.IO provides an opportunity to developer to make use of cross platform application that can have embedded applications for enhancing the business capabilities even though they are built on different platform or frameworks.

    To sum up we must say that Node.JS and socket.IO can help us build highly scalable, fast and light weight applications that can handle multiple server requests, integrate real time data analytics tools that empowers business leaders to take an overview of the business performance and build strategy for keeping their organization ahead in this highly competitive business and achieve business goals

    It is recommended that we must hire Nodejs Development Company that has relevant experience in handling Nodejs development projects and have proven track records.

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