Flexible Engagement Solutions

Business Models in Offshore Software Development Services

Choosing the right business model is important and depends on project’s scope, complexity, and timeline, as well as the budget. At Cybernative, we offer flexible engagement models and work closely with clients to determine the best approach for their specific needs.

Time and Material (T&M) Model

In this model, you pay for the development team’s time used to complete the project. The billing is done on an hourly basis, and the cost can vary depending on the skill, experience and the software license cost as well as the hardware needs of the project.


Allows for adjustments in project scope, priorities, and timelines as the project progresses and is particularly useful when the project requirements are subject to change.

Collaborative Approach

Fosters open communication, frequent feedback, and continuous alignment on project goals and objectives as it facilitates effective decision-making and enhances project outcomes.

Fixed Price Model

Based on the scope of the work derived from the discovery call or the requirement document shared by the client, a fixed cost is determined at the beginning of the project. We understand that software solutions have an inheritance of constantly involving requirements, and hence for any changes to the scope of work, we accommodate the requests to be billed separately. Price calculated is based on man-hours or man-months basis based on the project size.

Budget Certainty

Get an advantage of knowing the exact cost of the project upfront as it allows for better financial planning.

Time Efficiency

With strict deadlines and timelines, you benefit from timely delivery and can plan your business and go-to-market activities accordingly.

Dedicated Development Team Model

In this model, you pay a fixed monthly cost for a dedicated development team or resources that work/s exclusively on your project. The monthly cost is determined based on the skills, experience and the duration of the project.  You also have an option of managing your team/s that works as an extension of your in-house team.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adjust the team size, add or remove resources, and adapt to changing requirements without the hassle of recruitment and onboarding. Rest assured that you have the right resources at the right time, optimizing productivity and reducing project timelines.

Stability and Commitment

Ensuring team stability, consistent focus, and a higher level of commitment to your project's success. The team members are familiar with your business, goals, and processes, enabling them to provide more efficient and effective solutions.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

Cybernatives’s team of professional experts helps enterprises and start-ups to setup their own offshore software development team or a center. We build and operate the teams / center for a specified period, after which the ownership is transferred to you. The services in BOT model includes product design and architecture, coding and testing, Software as a Service (Saas) development work, e-commerce applications, and other web development services including Web 2.0 solutions.

Reduced Operational Risks

Helps to reduce the burden on you, allowing you to focus on your core business operations without worrying about the intricacies of IT system management.

Strategic Alignment

Enables businesses to align their IT systems with the long-term strategic goals. We work closely with you to understand your requirements, objectives, and future plans. IT systems are designed and operated in a manner that supports your strategic vision, fostering business growth and adaptability.

Hybrid Model

For your constantly changing requirements meeting the demands of ever changing technology landscape and budgetary constraints, this model combines different business models to provide a customized solution. For example, you may use a T&M model for the initial phase of the project and then switch to a fixed price model for the remaining phases.

Cost Effectiveness

A hybrid business model allows software service providers to optimize costs based on specific requirements. This flexibility helps balance expenses and maintain competitive pricing.

Continuous innovation

Cloud-based services in a hybrid model enable you to roll out updates, patches, and new features more efficiently. They can deliver updates and improvements seamlessly to customers without requiring manual installations or disrupting operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cybernative is located in Ahmedabad city in the State of Gujarat, India. Gujarat is one of the best business friendly state with a stable political government.

Cybernative is a proprietary offshore software development company operated by professionals and an experienced management team.

〉  Time & Material Based

〉  Fixed Price

〉  Dedicated Teams

〉  Build-Operate & Transfer

〉  Hybrid Flexi Model

〉  40 Hours / Week

〉  166 Hours / Month

Yes, we do align resources based on the time zones to allow an extended working hour and time efficient development cycle.

A Project Manager / Team Lead is deployed for each Project. You have direct access to these deployed resources. Also, for frequent communication you have direct access to the development team.

Based on the need of the project and the arrangement of cost sharing, we deploy resources onsite for the convenience of the clients.

Skill Requirements > Sharing the employee’s CV > Scheduling the interview > Assessment > Hiring by the client as per the contract.

At Cybernative, we follow Agile methodology with an iterative approach.

Our Process

How It Works

Let’s work together to identify the best model that suits your needs


Connect with us on discovery call and requirement analysis.


Proposal submission and detailed discussion on best operating model with win-win situation for everyone.


Signing the Agreement/Work Contract and Project Kick-off Meeting.

Our Process

How It Works

Let’s work together to identify the best model that suits your needs


Connect with us on discovery call and requirement analysis.


Proposal submission and detailed discussion on best operating model with win-win situation for everyone.


Signing the Agreement/Work Contract and Project Kick-off Meeting